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Surgical Mask

26 January 2021 ❤ 2
Surgical Mask

Surgical masks are also known as a face mask or medical masks. Medical professionals use this mask to wear during operations or during treatments so that they suspend the airway by blocking the airflow. These masks prevent people from inhaling or exhaling viruses through respiration.

Surgical masks were actually made for operational purposes and to prevent from the body splashes of the body liquid. There are a variety of face masks present in this market, people started making cloths mask as it was ages ago. In 1960 these clothes mask were being replaced by surgical masks, as these are one-time use, better in prevention, and cheap as well. the best masks in the current markets are N95 and FFP mask. People all around the globe are using masks to protect themselves in this pandemic. And during covid-19 the demand for the mask went high, and thus it resulted in an increment in the prices.

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