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29 September 2020 ❤ 6

You surely have listened to the file encryption software.But dont know what they are? Dont worry we got you covered. Ransomware is a type of malware. Malware is something that hinders the normal functioning of your computer or any application.

Similarly, ransomware attacks the files of the victim and encrypts them. The attacker then demands a handsome amount (Ransom) from the victim in order to access his files.

The attacker tells the victim how he can pay him the ransom and in return, he gives the username or key to open up the encrypted files. The ransom is usually paid in the form of bitcoins or digital payment,


The following are the measures which you can take in order to save your system if you have detected any kind of ransomware:

Enable the Windows 10 safe mode or reboot it.

You should have anti-malware software, and scan files through this software for detection and removal of the malware.

Scanning the drives to detect malware.

Restoring the original state of the system.

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I want more information on this topic. Please provide further details.

By Hadidi, 06 Oct 20


I have found this information about SEO very helpful and interesting.

By Ashh, 02 Oct 20