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Bruce Wayne

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Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne also is known as "Dark Knight", the famous movie character which he played in the movie "Gotham". The character was inspired by the famous DC comic hidden character called Batman. The comic is written by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. However, the movie Gotham was directed by Warner Bros.

The Movie Gotham displayed the teenage years of the main character and displays how he develops into Batman in his mature age. The lead character in Gotham is James Gordon. Bruce was displayed by David Mazouz.

Bruce Wayne is the orphaned son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. They were killed by a mysterious character with a gun at the very beginning of the series. After that Bruce spends his life knowing what were those people and what are the factors that are destroying Gotham city. He makes alliances and keeps on his mission. During this process, he learns several arts, which makes him an undefeated warrior and a famous Blackman character. his destiny as a feared vigilante.

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usefull information

i knew about Michael Jordan, but never knew how many championship he won. thanks

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Freggy is a great motivation for me.

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Reading about famous people always gives me hope and motivation.

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