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08 December 2020 ❤ 2

Directed by Francis Ozon, Ricky is s French movie premiered in 2009, the plot of the movie revolves around a couple who falls in love and their special union gives birth to an abnormal baby and how they deal with such a different and unique baby is a story to hear. The movie's story revolves around the mother Katie who lives with her daughter Lisa. The story begins when Katie starts liking Paco who is her colleague and he works with her in a Spanish-cosmetic industry. After a short span of their relationship, the Paco move in with them and they give birth to a baby who they call "Ricky". The anxiety and nuisance begin when Ricky becomes the most demanding, noisy, and irritated child. As he grows, the situation becomes more and more complicated because Ricky's shoulders blades grow wings. Hence the whole family gets disrupted and worried about Ricky's safety.


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I am a die heart fan of marvel cinematic and mcu as well.

By sudhi, 28 Jan 21