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Unity Assets for Free

27 September 2020 ❤ 0
Unity Assets for Free

In todays world games are very famous among people of all ages especially youngsters. To develop those games or projects developers use a software named unity. An asset may come from a document developed outside the unity, like as 3D model, images, audio files, many other files that Unity software supports.

Many other types of files or assets can be created using Unity software like Render Texture, Animator Collector, and Audio Mixer.

Now, what are 3D assets? These 3D assets include animation, vehicles, character, prop, and vegetation. Top-rated 3D assets include;

Nature Starter Kit 2
Simple Town Cartoon Assets
FPS Weapons
Some other 2D assets include;

Sky Box Volume-2
Mighty Heroes 2D Fantasy Characters Pack
2D Forest Pack

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Do provide us more and more info about gaming software.

By Charlie, 09 Oct 20


This software is very good. I have used it. Do give it a try.

By Aser, 03 Oct 20