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Energy is a very complex thing to define in words however, scientifically the word energy means The ability to perform a task. People are able to do their daily chores because they have the energy to do those tasks. For example, walking, running, swimming bicycling, jogging,and hiking all utilize energy. The conversion of energy from one form to the other is primarily responsible for getting the job done.

There are several forms of energy that work in harmony:

Heat energy

Electrical energy

Light energy

Motion energy

Gravitational energy

Chemical energy

However, there are two broader terms for these types of energy, and these are:

Potential energy (Energy at a still position or stored energy)

Kinetic energy (Energy possessed by moving objects)

The most remarkable property of energy is that it can convert itself from one form to the other. The human body is the most prominent example of this phenomenon.

For example, while you are sitting you have stored potential energy, but when you stand up and start to walk you have converted that potential energy into the kinetic energy.

Similarly, when you rub a matchstick, the chemical energy of the substance present on the matchstick converts itself into the fire, or in other words, the chemical energy is converted into heat energy.

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