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New Samsung TV

03 March 2021 ❤ 9
New Samsung TV

Samsung has announced its new range of products at its recent Unbox and Discover event. It had just announced its new range of smart TVs

  • MicroLED TV 2021

Samsung wants to offer microLED equipped televisions, users should expect enhanced brightness, deep blacks, and high quality overall, and it will be done by using inorganic LEDs

  • Neo QLED TV 2021

This was showcased at CES 2021 and will be powered by the new NEO Quantum processor, which means the LEDs will be 1/40 of the normal size LEDs. This will include ultra-fine light control, deep blacks, bright lights and improved technology.

  • The Frame 2021

It will ve increasing the photo storage size so users can store more photos, the new range is also going to be much thinner.

And that is what you can expect from Samsung

By I. Bey

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hybrid cars

I own a hybrid car, and I would say it is one of the best thing you could drive on the roads.

By eddie, 25 Jan 21

samsung is love

i am using the same phone, form 2019, and still in 2021 it works like as if its is new.

By henrry, 19 Jan 21


Helpful, but try to add more information.

By Emilie, 01 Oct 20