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Role Of Plants In The World

28 January 2021 ❤ 7
Role Of Plants In The World

Plants are the world's most important source of oxygen. Scientists are trying to make artificial sources of oxygen because the consumption of wood is increased with the rise in population. Due to the rapid demand for wood in the furniture industry, people are deforesting/cutting the trees without any guilt. Which is causing environmental issues and the worst thing is that nature is being disturbed due to it. Plants not only produce oxygen but they provide food, natural resources, and many other advantages as well. They inhale carbon dioxide as well. In order to operate plants need carbon dioxide, sunlight, water, and fertile soil. Through these naturally occurring things they produce food for themselves and for other natural insects, plants, animals as well Almost 99% percent of the plants are photosynthetic. Photosynthesis is a process in which plant absorbs carbon dioxide and natural minerals in the presence of sunlight and water, and in return plants produce oxygen. The government should put a ban on deforestation and should take control all over the plants and trees of the world because thats the only way we could save oxygen for ourselves.

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