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Lady Gaga offers a $500,000 reward for her stolen dogs

25 February 2021 ❤ 6
Lady Gaga offers a $500,000 reward for her stolen dogs

Lady Gagas two french bulldogs were stolen on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Gaga is currently in Italy and has left her two dogs in care. Koji and Gustav are the names of the two dogs. The dogs and their temporary carer were out on a walk on Wednesday night when the carer was shot and the dogs were stolen. The person was found shot at around 9:40 pm and is now recovering well in hospital.

The case of the missing dogs has been assigned to the LAPD, specifically the robber and homicide division. The case is still open and the police are searching for the suspect/suspects and the two dogs.

Anyone with any clue to has the dogs should email [email protected] to receive the said award, no questions asked.

By I. Bey

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