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Escorts Agri Machinery

13 October 2020 ❤ 1
Escorts Agri Machinery

Escorts Agri machinery came into being in 1960. Under the brand names of Farmtrac, Steeltrac, and Powertrac, the Escorts Agri Machinery produced tractors. Ranging from 25HP to 90HP, the company manufactures almost twenty-five kinds of models. However, a separate division for tractors was initiated in 1960 and they produced their first tractors in 1965. In order to produce licensed tractors for India, they ended up with a deal with Ford in 1969.
CNH global which is currently owned by the Fiat group, the ford became the modern Holland. The contract between the Escorts and the Ford New Holland was dismissed in 19995. Now there are no relationships among the ford and the Escorts, not even with the parent industries of Ford, e.g. CNH Industrials.

In 2000, the Escorts bought locations for production purposes in Mragowo, Poland. They purchased the location through Pol-Mot. They also own locations in India e.g. Haryana. They also owned an assembly plant which was in Tarboro, North Carolina, they got that from Long Agri. However, in 2008 the North American Subsidiary got its ownership.

In India, Escorts have several manufacturing plants in Faridabad and their subsidiary units in Poland, under the name of Farmtrac Europe.

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