Nostalgia Artists

26 September 2020 ❤ 0
Nostalgia Artists

You often heard about this word mainly on social media and often you also listen to your friends using the same word. So what Nostalgia art is?

Nostalgia art primarily takes you back down in the memory lane about some person, place, or thing. It is basically a visual representation of regaining memories that are now lost. The word "Nostalgia" is actually a Greek word meaning "Return".

There are several Nostalgia artists that put their efforts in their art pieces to take the people back with them on a memory roller coaster ride.

Several artists and painters like JMW Turner and John Constable have tried to portray landscapes that depict the calmness and clean environment which is now depleted due to overpopulation and mainly due to the Industrial revolution.

Most of the artists basically grab their memories from the past and they use pictures as well to throw the splash of memory on the canvas, which takes the viewer into a very deep concept of the painting, and hence the purpose of Nostalgia artists is served.

Artists basically capture the moments and the pictures from their childhood

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My sister is an artist. Being honest i have never understand the art till now.

By talz, 27 Jan 21


Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artifacts, which express the creator's imagination.

By Asfi, 18 Jan 21


Art makes you more observant.

By Julie, 08 Oct 20


I was searching for something and here I read an article about Art which is very informative.

By El Hopper, 30 Sep 20