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Art is something for those who are really into art. For those who are not familiar with art, art worth millions of dollar would be worth less because the value of art is only understood by the person who made it , or the person who takes interest in it. Most of the black money is used to buy million dollar art just to hide the money. But the importance of the art is also varying on the artist. Its been ages since the people have been criticizing, and enjoying that art as well because its for those who looks into it. People who had been criticizing the art have been asking one simple question that what art, its purpose, is and why is art. The simple answer for them is works might be similar but the work done is different, artist are different, and the artist's objective are different as well.

The link between the achievement of the artis and what he actually achieve through his creation is called art. Basically art is not something that anyone have to study so that they could understand and enjoy, but it is something that captures the eye and make you feel different form others.

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My sister is an artist. Being honest i have never understand the art till now.

By talz, 27 Jan 21


Art is a diverse range of human activities involving the creation of visual, auditory or performing artifacts, which express the creator's imagination.

By Asfi, 18 Jan 21


Art makes you more observant.

By Julie, 08 Oct 20


I was searching for something and here I read an article about Art which is very informative.

By El Hopper, 30 Sep 20